Paying Double doesn’t mean that you get more bang for your buck

Recently, we had a customer that listened to the sales pitch of another web services company. He didn’t know anything about this company, but what they offered sounded good, and sounded like it would help his business. They offered to make a new custom website, do a Google Places listing, as well as directory listings on other search engines, and promised great returns. So, he paid his fees, set up billing, and waited for the great returns.

Sounds like a pretty normal story so far, right? That’s where it went wrong. You see, their web designer didn’t create a new custom page, they used a template for another company, and didn’t change the contact information. The phone number and address were for a business several states away, that wasn’t even in the same field. Customers called and were frustrated. Potential customers searched for his business, looked at the website and didn’t call, because they thought he was in another state. He was losing business. And to top it off, this was costing him his hard-earned money every month.

He tried to get this fixed, but got the run-around. So, he called his representative at County Website, and we got the ball rolling to get his online image back under control. Within the same business day, we reclaimed his Google Place listing went about correcting and reclaiming the other listings on other sites, and were redirecting his customers and potential customers back to him.

All of the services that this other company offered, we already do for our clients at County Website, with the added benefit of a representative you can contact, and a company you can trust to help keep you and your business moving in the right direction. There are a lot of services we offer, beyond basic website maintenance and directory listing. Do you use social media? Do you have original content? We can help you with your next outreach campaign and increase your market share. We have put in the time to establish good relationships, and won’t leave your business in the cold.


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